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aeroporto trapaniTrapani Birgi Airport is famous for hosting the low-cost company Ryan Air but also for the fact that all taxi connections from Trapani are very important for the famous tourist resorts are nearby.

The highway allows taxis to arrive quickly to all the tourist destinations scattered throughout Sicily.
One of the most famous that is located right next to Trapani is Erice, a beautiful village on the Highlands that is the birthplace of the scientist Zichichi.

From Trapani it is easy to reach the Zingaro reserve, in the direction of Palermo and Capo D'Orlando; The same city of Palermo can also be reached in less than an hour by car.

During the move from Trapani to Palermo a compulsory stop should surely be Segesta and the ancient Greek ruins, which are still intact and manifest in the splendid Doric Temple of Hellenistic civilization.

The Taxi services from Trapani Birgi are the most requested and, as always, our prices all beat.
The seriousness and comfort accompany the Taxi services and our guests to a pleasant trip without surprises. Reduced costs and precision in every detail.


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