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1. General introduction is an online platform for the transfer service request of a social promotion association called ASVIN with registered office in via San Leonardo, 8 - 92100 Agrigento (AG) Italy which operates under the jurisdiction of Italian laws. does not do any kind of mediation because it addresses its service to members in a completely free way in order to increase the benefits for professionals working in the tourism sector and in the professions in general with the ultimate goal of achieving its object social. mainly deals with providing information to those seeking travel in Sicily from major airports and cities to the most important tourist destinations or cities of the island. 
The retrieval of this information is done according to the current privacy law D.Lsg. 196/2003 

2. Online service requests 
The conditions of services reported here, in addition to all the information on the website as well as on the travel voucher, are the basic guidelines for users of the portal. 
The applicant of the service before making an online request must therefore ensure that he has read and understood all the conditions of of this document. 
The assistance and information service is available by e-mail during working hours at may modify or make changes to these conditions for contingent reasons, which will still be published on its website. 
The user of the portal must therefore ascertain these changes and / or warnings always accepting the conditions of the service and the variations that will be valid at the time of service requests. 
At the time of the request for service, the user of the portal declares to be of age and declares that all the information provided is correct and true; also declares that the credit card used (if it decides to pay online) is owned by it and that there are sufficient funds or credits to cover the cost of the Service. will not be held responsible for any errors in the service request and will not make refunds in case of lack of services for these errors.
Should such errors force and its drivers to perform a service different from the one actually booked and if this involves additional costs to the service, the service applicant will have to pay directly to the driver, prior to the service, the greater cost communicated to him. from the office. 
The service request made by the users of the portal will be confirmed by sending an email to 
The requesting service, in case of acceptance of the service request by, will receive, always by email, the confirmation of the service request and travel voucher. 
The sending of the email and its voucher is considered proof of the desire to use the service chosen by the applicant with the automatic acceptance of the terms and conditions of service. 
If is unable (for any reason) to perform the service, it will send to the applicant, via email, the cancellation of its "Reservation". 
In this case, the full amount paid will be returned (if the applicant had already made a payment). 
The confirmation of the service request and the voucher is in effect the travel summary available in paper and electronic versions. 
This must be printed, taken in tow and shown to the driver before any transfer for its validation. 
The service applicant will have to check that all the data on the travel information voucher actually correspond to those he / she entered when requesting. 
Any changes must be correct by accessing the appropriate section of the site "your booking" or communicated via email to before the service is performed, the changes will be made if technically possible; 
the appropriate office will communicate with the applicant the service via e-mail. 
The applicant for the service must provide a valid and functioning mobile telephone number including the international prefix, to be contacted in case of emergency or changes in departure time due to bad weather or heavy traffic or any other reason that affects the execution regular. 
Any variation of the pick up will be notified by phone from or from their drivers even a few hours before the transfer. 
It is the passengers responsibility to check any messages received on the mobile phone and to monitor the same notices that will be published on the website home page to find out if there have been any changes. 
If in the service request an incorrect or non-functioning telephone contact is indicated, and its drivers will not under any circumstances be responsible for any disruption caused by the inability to communicate with the service request. 
In the case of changes in schedules or other that make the passenger lose the transfer and have been sent the notices of the disserice to the applicant, will not have to repay anything.

3. Transportation 
Through its service request platform the association offers the following types of services listed below. 
The service applicant purchases a transfer service solely and exclusively for himself and / or for the group to which he belongs. 
The vehicle used, therefore, is completely available to request the service for the booked service. 
The driver will take the applicants from the point of departure to the point of arrival requested by the service request. 

4. Luggage 
Every passenger can bring with him a suitcase of modest dimensions and a hand baggage such as trolley, backpack, bag; the hand baggage, intended as handbags or small shoulder bags, will be held inside the car by the passenger himself. 
All excess baggage must be declared when requesting service and drivers will reserve the right not to carry unreported baggage and will not be responsible for any inconvenience arising from failure to observe this recommendation including the loss of the transfer that will not be reimbursed. 

5. Delays is not required to verify any delays of flights, ships or trains or other means of transport used by requesting the service. 
It is the responsibility of the requesting service to promptly notify any delays. 
In case the service applicant has booked a private transfer and there is a delayed flight, or ship, or train, or other means of transport used by the service applicant, the driver will wait up to 60 minutes from the scheduled arrival. 
Over 60 minutes of waiting, upon notification by the applicant for the service and acceptance of the same, a surcharge of € 30.00 will be applied for each hour or fraction of an hour delay for the car to be paid directly to the driver before carrying out the transfer. 
If the requesting service does not communicate the delay of more than 60 minutes or does not accept this surcharge for the wait, the driver will go away and the service applicant will have lost the transfer and will not be entitled to any refund. will make every effort to ensure that all vehicles arrive in time to the planned destinations, but specifies that under no circumstances can they be held responsible for the consequences of any kind suffered by the service applicant due to the fact that the transfer is not it has been completed in good time (events and events not directly dependent on the drivers will and / or occurring due to force majeure, such as heavy traffic, bad weather, sudden and unannounced or programmed road interruptions, accidents, stops for police, compliance with rules imposed even temporarily by the competent authorities for the safety of road users, etc., etc.). 

However, the possibility for the applicant of the service to obtain, at its justified and documented request, the reimbursement of the price of the transfer paid in advance, only in the event that the non-implementation or use of the requested service or its interruption before arrival at destination, should not depend on the aforementioned reasons of force majeure or by the will of the applicant the service that has renounced the service. 

6. Insurance, members means and drivers license. 
The vehicles used by the Drivers of are regularly insured for civil liability towards third parties according to the current legislation of the country in which the transfer is made. 
Drivers are NCCs with a valid license and are members of the ASVIN association. 

7. Rules and Prohibitions 
All transfers made by, are door to door transfers. However, for some localities or hotels condominiums etc, where there are sudden circumstances to be reached (closing roads or bans) and where the driver could not arrive with the means of transport the applicant will have to comply with the communications that will be promptly sent to his phone number, e-mail in order to establish a new and different meeting point that the applicant will have to reach with his own means or those made available by the hotel where he stays. 

Smoking and consumption of alcohol in used vehicles is not allowed Drivers may refuse to carry those who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and / or whose behavior is considered threatening or dangerous to the driver himself, to vehicles or to other passengers. 

8. Cancellations reserves the right to cancel any service request at any time, in case it is not able to guarantee the correct execution of the service, reimbursing the cost of the booked service. 
The cancellation of the service request by the service applicant can be carried out in two ways: By accessing the "your booking" section of the website and following all the instructions or by sending an email to 
If the requesting service does not receive an email confirming the cancellation, it must, at his / her convenience, contact the offices by telephone. 
The cancellation of the service request must be made at least seven days before the date of the transfer. 
In this case no penalties will be applied and will reimburse the cost of the transfer booked by the applicant for the service and any supplements with deduction of the bank charges incurred for collection during the service request stage and the cost for the re-credit. 
If the cancellation is made within the seven days prior to the transfer, nothing will be refunded to the applicant for the service. 

9. Changes 
The changes to be made to the service request must be communicated via email to through the section of the site "your booking" at least forty-eight hours before the booked service. 
If the requesting service does not receive the email confirming the change it is his responsibility to contact the offices by telephone reserves the right not to accept any changes. 1 

10. Refunds 
The legal rights of the service applicant can in no case be denied or decreased. 
Any complaints and related reimbursement requests must be prevented in writing, by sending an email to, within thirty days from the service being performed. 
All payments made will be refunded only if canceled by in the section of the site "your booking". 

11. Intellectual Property Rights 
The system designed and created on the portal was created without the use of CMS tools or pre-packaged technologies. 
Therefore it is considered unique and can not be copied. 
It is therefore forbidden to use the content by third parties for any purpose, including the modification, with the reproduction or subsequent partial or total publication, without explicit written consent from that strictly forbids, in any circumstances, the unlawful use of your site and your system, for any purpose. 

12. Applicable law and jurisdiction 
These General Conditions are subject to the provisions of Italian law. 
For any dispute that may arise between the requesting service and (ASVIN) Italian law will be competent. 
The resolution of any disputes that may arise between the parties will be submitted to the Italian jurisdiction, in the courts of Agrigento (Italy).


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