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Why register as NCC SICILIA in SiciltTransfers Website?

The Sicily Transfers portal was created to favor users who want to reach the Sicilian tourist destinations starting from the airports, maritime or railway stations. Once the request is received, the portal will forward it to its members, according to the nearest place of remittance, in order to perform the service.

How works the travel services assignment?

Based on the departure or arrival address of the service request on the portal, the system will calculates which is the nearest NCC. If there are several NCCs active for the same route the system will make a shift between those available. Also on the basis of the request received and the type of vehicle requested, the system will assign the service to our NCC which has all the required requisites.

How much price need to subscribe in is a portal of the ASVIN Social Promotion Association. The subscription is subordinated to the annual membership fee. There are different types of members and you can see the quote on the website ASVIN.ORG. Remember that to be registered on the portal you must be a licensed NCC drivers and have all the necessary requirements for the performance of the services.

How can I send my application?

To send your registration request and be contacted by our staff you must go to the contact page and enter the necessary data. In the specific, in the message field write Request Membership to quickly identify your email. If you want go next in request procedure going to CONTACTS PAGE
Iscrizione Taxi Ncc Sicilia - Sicily Taxi Ncc Services

The Sicily is the ideal place to spend your summer holidays in the most beautiful places in Italy . Palermo , Agrigento , Catania , Taormina, Cefalù and many others are waiting havens . Our taxi service and car rental with driver , Shuttle Bus and Shuttles , you'll be free to move in total security and flexibility, alone or with family. Groups and parties will be handled by our staff with a fleet of vehicles always at te top, maximum reliability and comfort . Our services and our prices are unbeatable!
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